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Last weekend @ SSM May 8th 2011 


This weekend we started a new church wide series called “How To Raise Your Parents”. This week we focused on the idea of building trust with our parents. 

Series: ”How To Raise Your Parents”

Pre-Service: As student arrived to the service our worship band did an acoustic cover of the song “Hey Ya”. The students loved it!

Worship Songs: :  ”Savior Of The World”,  ”Take It All”, “Our God”,  ”Rise And Sing”

Table Groups: In table groups this weekend we had our students write down any/all questions that they would like to ask their parents (i.e. why do I get in trouble when I get D’s in school, why does it matter what I wear?) and we will be using those questions for our parent panel weekend that will come up in a couple of weeks! 

Games: This weekend we played an up front game called “Are You Smarter Than A Parent”. We had a student come up on stage and face off in a trivia game against one of the parents in our ministry. The questions had to do with things that parents deal with everyday (bills, PTA, etc.) The student actually won the game and walked away with an itunes gift card!

Message: Every teenager wants the relationship with their parents to be better! Who wouldn’t want to reduce some of the stress in your relationship with your parents! For those of us who are followers of Jesus, following God’s ways in our families are part of Jesus’ plan for your life and for my life! Loving our parents well is a part of the Great Commandment given by Jesus: LOVE GOD , LOVE OTHERS!  Jesus’ plan for how we relate to our parents is way different then the world’s way. When we follow Jesus’ plan for building trust with our parents your friends will notice something different about you & they may begin to be interested in figuring out more about Jesus. When we build trust with our parents, in a big way we are actually sharing our faith! The final thought was:  You are TRUST BUILDING or TRUST BUSTING with everything you do!



In today’s vlog I chat with Nikkie, who is in charge of “connect” on our student ministries team. Her job is to assimilate new students to our ministry and get them connected with our volunteer leaders. Here are some of her thoughts on some simple ways to get new students connected to your youth ministry. 



Here is a Facebook message I received from a student that we recently asked to join our student leadership team...Sometimes all it takes to unlock a student's potential is an ask!

New Student Leader:
I just wanted to let you know that I'm super excited about being involved as a student leader and I can't wait to see what God has in store for Saddleback Orange's youth ministry! For the past few months I feel like God has been telling me that I need to step up and get involved in the church, so this is really awesome. I can't wait to get to know everyone better next Sunday!

Communicating With The Parents In Your Youth Ministry

Last night my student ministries team and I began to design a new 3-week series that we are starting on May 8th entitled “How To Raise Your Parents”. We have some great ideas that we have come up with and I’ll be sure to share some of those with the iheartyouthminsitry.com community soon (I’ll post up some cool game ideas, videos, backgrounds, bumpers, etc.), but it got me thinking about the importance of partnering with the parents of the students in our youth ministries. Parents are vital to the spiritual growth of the students in our ministries but unfortunately, if we are all honest, we probably do a much better job communicating with students then we do with parents. 

So how can we create a more open line of communication with the parents in our ministries? Here are a few helpful hints: 

1) When in doubt…let them know! I don’t think I’ve ever met a parent who has complained to me saying “please stop giving me information about what my kids are up to! I don’t want to know when events are happening! Please stop being so informative!”. In fact, most of the time the exact opposite is true. As youth workers we can get so caught up in hanging out with students and planning great programs/events/services that we forget to inform the parents! Some easy ways to keep parents “in the know” can be: 

-weekly (or bi-weekly) email updates letting parents know what is coming up the following weekend. 

-create a parent’s blog on your existing website. Keep it updated with upcoming events, calendars, etc. 

-provide summer/spring/winter/fall calendars for parents. Trust me THEY NEED THEM!

-host a parent connect night twice a year for parents to meet you and your volunteers, learn about the purpose of your youth ministry and have the opportunity to ask you questions that may come up regarding their students. 

2) Get parents involved! Invite some of your student’s parents to help run a student small group (not their own kid’s) or be a weekend volunteer. Invite a parent or two to help plan an event/retreat. Trust me, if you allow a few parents to be a part of your ministry they will soon become your biggest cheerleaders to the rest of the church! 

3) Urge your parents to pray for your youth ministry! Make the ask to your student’s parents to pray constantly for your youth ministry. Share with parents your vision for their students spiritual growth and let them play an integral part in praying for God to transform their teens. 

There are a TON of different ways for you to have healthy communication between your youth ministry and parents and I’m sure some of you know much more than I do! Share some of your thoughts/ideas about how you communicate well with the parents in your ministries. Leave a comment below and let’s work together to bridge the gap between youth ministry and family!