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Last weekend @ WILDSIDE March 12-13, 2011


This weekend we finished up our two part series on “heros of the Bible”. During week one we focused on the character of Moses and this weekend we focused on Jonah-the reluctant hero. 

Series: “Old Skool Heros”

Pre-Service: Since our theme for the weekend was SUPER HEROS, we played clips of the old 90’s Christian TV show “Bibleman” for our video countdown. In retrospect…Bibleman was super cheesy/corny then and is still super cheesy/corny today. That being said, the students thought it was funny non the less!

Worship Songs: ”Our God”, “Never Let Go”, ” Blessed Be Your Name”, “Take It All”.

Grade Groups: In grade groups this weekend we had students go around the circle and share their favorite superhero/villain. We then followed up with a second question that related to the message “Have you ever run from God? Have you ever avoided doing what God was calling you to do?” Surprisingly a lot of students were open to responding to that question. It was a great win for grade groups. 

Games: This weekend we played a great crowd game entitled “Super Hero Trivia”. We had students work in sections to guess the correct answers to some superhero trivia questions that we had on the screen (i.e. “what planet did Superman come from?” “What was Spider Man’s alter ego?”). The winning section won a bag of gummy worms. Since I was leading the game this weekend I decided to wear a superman cape while I read off the questions. Not sure if the students thought it was funny…but I did! :D

Message: My friend Grant taught this weekend on Jonah: The Reluctant Hero. Instead of a topical message, this weekend’s message was purely the narrative of the story of Jonah. At the end we gave students a chance to respond to the message by asking them to think about which character they are most like in the story (Jonah-running away from God, the Ninevites-Don’t know God, etc.) We asked students to make a next step commitment in their faith whether that meant getting to know Jesus for the first time, recommitting their life to Christ or sharing Jesus with their unbelieving friends. We had a few table stations around the room where students could go and fill out a card stating the commitment they were making, and then they each received a bookmark that reminded them of that commitment throughout the week. 



Last weekend @ WILDSIDE February 26-27, 2011

This weekend we finished up our two week series on the Bible. In part one we took students on a broad tour of what the Bible is. This weekend we focused on how students can use the Bible in their everyday lives. 


Pre-Service: For the countdown this weekend I got up on stage and bet the students that I could say, from memory, all of the books of the Bible in under 30 seconds. I ended up getting it all done in under 25 seconds! The students thought it was hillarious. 

Worship Songs: ”Rise And Sing”, “Trading My Sorrows”. 

Grade Groups: In grade groups this weekend we had students square off in a classic game of “Bible Drill”. We had two students face off at a time by racing to find different Bible passages. The winner got some candy. It was fun for the students to compete a bit with eachother. 

Games: This weekend we played a series of games called “MINUTE TO WIN IT!”. We brought a bunch of students up on the stage and had them compete in short 1-minute challenges (dropping safety pins into a jar, 1st one to pop a balloon, balance dice on a tongue depresser being held in their mouth, etc.). A student was eliminated after each one minute challenge until we had one student left as the winner. Seriously, it was one of the best games we have played all year. All the students were completely in to it!

Message: Katie Edwards taught this week on how students can use the Bible in their own lives daily. She talked about how the Bible is a “lamp” and a “map” and that we can use it to navigate every aspect of our lives. Also she talked about the importance of having a plan when we read the Bible. We got to highlight a few cool resources with our students to help them read the Bible on their own. We sold copies of the “One Minute Bible" and the "LIVE Bible" at our connection booth after the service. 

Katie’s thought for the week was: ‘Take a LOOK at God’s BOOK!



Last weekend @ WILDSIDE February 19-20, 2011 

The weekend we kicked off a brand new two-week series on the Bible. For the first week we walked our jr. high students through a general overview of what the Bible is, what it’s comprised of, who wrote it, and what can be found inside.


Pre-Service: We used this classic video as our countdown video as students got ready for the service to begin. As an opener the band performed the children’s song “THE B.I.B.L.E.”. At first the band played a campy/cheesy version of the song, then they moved into a punk rock version. It was hilarious and fun!

Worship Songs: ”THE B.I.B.L.E.”, “Our God”, “We Shine”, “How He Loves”.

Grade Groups: Since the theme for the entire weekend was on the Bible, in grade groups we had students play a Bible crossword puzzle. We gave away candy as prizes for the student who finished first. What did we learn? EVERY student likes a crossword puzzle!

Games: During the service we played a WILDSIDE classic “Man, Gun, Gorilla”. It was a blast. Click here for an in-depth description of how to play this game with your students.

Message: Matt Hall taught this weekend for part one of “A LOOK AT GOD’S BOOK”. Unlike our normal 3-5 point outline, this weekend the outline had 16 fill-ins! The catch? It only took about 1 minute to get through each point. Each point was really just a collection of FAQ’s about the Bible. The students were engaged, however since this weekend was basically a ton of FAQ’s, there wasn’t a ton of jokes/laughter, but in talking to students after the services all of them seemed to like the message a lot!

Matt’s thought for the week was: ‘The Bible: Just TRY it! You’ll LIKE it!”.



Last weekend @ WILDSIDE February 12-13, 2011 

Last weekend we wrapped up our two-week series on loving God & loving others. We had a LOT OF FUN this weekend!  


Pre-Service: We used this video as our 3 minute countdown to begin the service. We also had a couple of our students sing “LOVE STORY” by Taylor Swift as students where coming into the service (our jr. high kids went nuts for this song). 

Worship Songs: ”Sing, Sing, Sing”, “Savior Of The World”, “Love Came Down”. 

Grade Groups: In light of our love series/valentines day, we gave each of the students in our grade groups a list of "25 Ways To Show Love To Someone”, which was a list that our staff compiled of simple ways to show love to others. We had students talk about which things on the list would be the hardest for them to do and which would be the easiest. We challenged each student to choose one or two things on the list and try it this week to really “love their neighbor as themselves”. 

Games: At the beginning of the service we played a game of CUPID’S IMPOSSIBLE SHOT. I dressed up as “Boston Cupid” and had students try to throw pink/red balls through a heart that was hanging from the top of the stage. It was awesome. We also played an fun game called "Name That Love Song". We brought up 4 groups of students on stage (4 kids per team) and they would take turns trying to “name the tune” that was playing on the sound system. We gave each student a buzzer so they could “buzz-in” with their answer. One of the best up-front games we’ve played in a while. 

Message: Jason Pogue taught this weekend on “LOVING OTHERS”. He shared about what real love is: how we don’t get to pick & choose who we love and that love is about action not only about feelings.

His thought for the week was: ‘YOU SHOW LOVE FOR OTHERS BY SERVING THEM”. 



Last weekend @ WILDSIDE January 22-23, 2011 

Last weekend we wrapped up our 3-week series “The Beginning & The End”. We got a lot of positive feedback from students during this series. Since we were talking about science/end times/creation I think a lot of students came for the first time who usually don’t come to WILDSIDE. To close out our series, last weekend focused on “the end” which was a brief look at what the Bible teaches about the end of the world.  


Pre-Service: Instead of a normal countdown video we had our student band perform a cover of R.E.M.’s “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It”. It was hilarious to watch our students try to sing the words of that song! If you haven’t heard it before you can check it out here.

Worship Songs: ”Take It All”, “Get Down (Audio Adrenaline Cover)”, “You Alone”

Grade Groups: In Grade groups this weekend we asked students some questions about what they think the end of the world would be like. We got responses like “…the aliens will destroy us all…” to “…I think it will be kind of like the movie W.A.L.L.E…we’ll destroy the earth and we will all get fat…” Ah. I love jr. high students!

Games: We played a really cool powerpoint crowd game called “The End Result”. Basically we showed them an object on the screen (ex. a diamond) and teams had to figure out which two things make up that object (i.e. Carbon + Compression= diamond). I’ll be posting up the free powerpoint game later on this week so check back soon! 

Message: Kurt taught the message this weekend on “End Times”. This was actually the 1st time in the history of WILDSIDE that the topic of “end times” has been taught at our weekend services. Kurt’s main points were that 1) Jesus will Come Back, 2) Someday the world as we know it will come to an end, 3)The End is really a new beginning! Kurt then awnswered the question of “when and how will all this happen?” by sharing with students that it will happen in God’s time and in God’s way. The thought for the week was: 

"Instead of FEARING The FUTURE, God Gives Us Something To Look FORWARD To!



Last weekend @ WILDSIDE January 15-16, 2011

This weekend was part two of our three week series entitled “THE BEGINNING AND THE END” which is a look at what the Bible says about creation/the end times. 


Pre-Service: This weekend we used this video as our countdown as students arrived. 

Worship Songs: ”Rise & Sing”, “Marvelous Light”, “How Great Is Our God”, “The Earth Is Yours”

Grade Groups: Since we had a guest speaker this weekend we decided to not do grade groups so we could give him more time to speak.

Games: We played a great crowd game that we made called “Earth Trivia”. It was a powerpoint game that challenged students with their knowledge of science and geology. It was a ton of fun! I’ll be posting the powerpoint for the game later this week so stay tuned! 

Message: We had a guest speaker come in this weekend (Ron Edwards) to awnser any/all questions that students had from the previous weekend. He awnswered questions about the definition of science, the age of the earth, gaps in the evolution theory, dinosaurs and more! Our students LOVED it and there were lines of students that stuck around afterwards to ask Ron questions. 

Extras: We sold copies of “Case For A Creator” by Lee Strobel after the service for students who were interested in going deeper. 

It’s was a great weekend. Stay tuned for next weeks recap!



Last weekend @ WILDSIDE


Last weekend at WILDSIDE we kicked off our Christmas series called “It’s a WILDSIDE Christmas!”. Here was the rundown for the weekend: 

Pre-Service: Volunteers set up Christmas decorations on the stage. Christmas songs were playing while students arrived. We also showed this video during our 5-minute countdown

Worship Songs: Deck The Halls, O Come All Ye Faithful, Angels We Have Heard On High (all from Relient K’s Christmas album)

Grade Groups: As a part of our jr. high services we have an element called “grade groups” where our students break off into smaller groups based on their grades so that our weekend leaders can get a chance to get to know students that would otherwise fall through the cracks or get lost in the crowd. This weekend we played a game of “Christmas Pictionary” with our groups. It was a huge success. Jr. High kids like to draw…and make paper airplanes…

Games: We played a game of “Finish The Lyrics: Christmas Edition”. We had students come up on stage and finish the lyrics to some well known Christmas jams. For prizes we gave out a box of candy canes to each of the winning students. Unfortunately I think there was only one kid who actually new the lyrics to any of the songs. lol. :D

Message: Katie Edwards gave the message entitled “The Perfect Gift”. It was a simple and clear salvation message explaining how God has given us the “perfect gift” of Jesus and that we have the opportunity to accept that gift and share that gift with others. Katie used a great illustration on stage by unwrapping an actual christmas gift with a box on the inside that read “Jesus Christ” on the front. She then began to pull out pieces of paper from the box that each described something that Jesus has to offer each of our students. 

All in all it was an awesome weekend. You’ve gotta love Christmas.